About UTIP Technologies Ltd. Company

The UTIP Technologies Ltd. company, is active in providing a software solution for the financial markets. Company is using the best practices and official versions of the main UTIP trading platform product.

By understanding the needs of its customers, UTIP Technologies Ltd. prepared additional modules to the trading platform, which allowed the UTIP product to compete with world leaders in the software development for trading on currency exchange markets.

Among these solutions, there is a new personal profile Trader’s room, allowing to organize a full-service of the personal profile for clients-traders in the shortest time and at a minimal cost.

CRM 2.0, which was developed and successfully implemented as an additional module, has been highly appreciated among our current customers. Due to this unique service, the demand for our product has significantly increased among Utip LP potential clients, because it provides a comprehensive approach to attracting traders and organizing business processes within the company itself.

In addition to the above products, UTIP Technologies Ltd. provides additional services: website development and consulting services, which simplifies and accelerates the setup of a new company.

Today, the company has 65 employees. With the UTIP platform, more than 150 companies operate from almost every continent - Asia, Europe, Russia and CIS countries, India, Africa, North America and Latin America. The company has contractual relations with partners from Europe and Asia, which are engaged in the promotion and delivery of the trading platform around the world.

Due to the dynamic growth of innovative technologies. In this respect, the UTIP Technologies Ltd. company always keeps pace with the times and tries to satisfy all the needs of its customers. Aiming at the result, reliability of the company and stability in work - this is the key to the success and prosperity of UTIP Technologies Ltd. for many years.

Bank details

Общество с ограниченной ответственностью «ЮТИП Технологии» (UTIP Technologies Ltd.)
ИНН/КПП: 5904246991/590201001
ОГРН: 1115904005546
р/с: 40702810000040000218 в филиале АКБ «ФОРА-БАНК» (АО) в г. Перми
БИК: 045773713
к/с: 30101810900000000713
Юридический адрес: 614015, Пермский край, г. Пермь, ул. Монастырская, д. 12, офис 502
Фактический адрес: 614015, Пермский край, г. Пермь, ул. Монастырская, д. 12, офис 502
Тел./Факс: +7 (342) 237-57-02