Utip trading platform

The platform automates all the necessary business-processes, it contains built-In system of orders execution and protects your data store from unauthorized access. Along with the platform you will have high quality data feed which is supplied by specialized news agencies and then is transmitted to servers which are the main part of the platform. Servers transmit the information further on to manager and trader terminals. The server also processes positions and trading orders and sends them to liquidity providers and the ECN foreign exchange market. Employees interact with the platform through manager terminal and the CRM system for managing sales. In trader terminals traders get access to quotations from the server and open positions and orders. Your clients will have all the types of modern and convenient trading terminals.

Web Terminal

Well designed and modern terminal enabling trading without download and setup.

Mobile Terminal

Active trading in any place and maximum freedom for your customers. Available for IOS and Android.

PC Terminal

Habitual PC Terminal for professional traders. Multifunctional, powerful and reliable.

The minimal system requirements:
CPU: intel® core i5-5200 or higher.
Connection: 100 Mbit/s-Port
Operating system: Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition

Setup Fee: 10 000 USD

Technical support: 750 USD